Helping you get your fabulous on!

Selling mid-century tables, chairs, lights, tables, cabinets, artisticly reclaimed items, and more.

Repurpose Republic (ReRep) is our new "concept" storefront in NE Minneapolis and the same name of our new Etsy shop. Here we have chosen some of our best hand picked items, or those we have ourselves "created."

The owner Doug has been "acquiring" cool items for many years. He fixes them, sells them as is, barters for other items, &/or "repurpose's" them. Often several pieces come together to be upcycled back into society. We buy, restore, repurpose, and sell a wide variety of items in our "brick and mortar" dual storefront, business.

Our SOUTH shop focus's primarily on mid century furniture and FABULOUS Mid Century Modern Lighting in all ways, shapes, and forms!

In our NORTH shop we are in the process of creating a space that will be INDUSTRIAL with a bit of a GOTH twist! The focus will be on metal and wood projects. You will find some really interesting pieces that are hand picked. However (and more exciting we feel), will be our offering of local artists work, and their cool creative works of art, including "original ReRep" items.

Our Physical Storefront at 2833 - 2835 Central Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55418 is currently open Saturdays from 11am - 6pm (NOTE: always check our landing page of our website for our most current and up to date business hours)